Reinvent Interiors

We manufacture and market 100% natural
gypsum based products for the construction industry.

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Unique Dream Home

We are led by highly experienced professionals in the industry who
have redefined the modern building standards.

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Excellent Results

Meeting the requirements of ASTM and IS standards for
gypsum products, we have full confidence in our products.

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Smart products for Smart India

best quality

We manufacture 100% Natural Gypsum-based products.

24X7 support

We are available always at the time you want us.

Gypsum Board Manufacturers

Our Speciality

We offer wide range of products (standard, premium and customized products) with superior quality and continuous support to meet your expectations.

100% Natural Gypsum

We use 100% natural gypsum in all our products.

Less wastage

Our products will be having lesser wastage compared to conventional construction materials.

High durability

Products for increased fire, moisture and impact resistance with high durability.

Supports dry construction

Less strain on natural resources.

Time saving

Faster construction with less labour time.

Cost effective

Huge savings comparing to conventional practices. (best products at best price).

About Company - Best Gypsum Board Dealers

Born in 30 October 2015, Gypelite India Pvt Ltd is becoming a trusted name in the rapidly growing Indian gypsum market. The company has been led by highly experienced professionals in the industry who have redefined the modern building standards.

In India, gypsum is a rapidly growing market. Due to the flourishing construction activities our country's gypsum consumption is ascending day by day.

Unmatched Quality

Meeting all the relevant industry standards.

Green Products

Our products are non toxic and environmental friendly.

DIFOT Experts

Wondering what DIFOT is? Delivery In Full On Time.

Step by Step guidance

We have our representatives in your area.

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Our Products

Clay, Bricks, Stone, Sand... those days are gone. We are witnessing dynamic changes everywhere, we are becoming smart. For building a smart India, we need smart products. Let’s have a look into our smart range.