Our thoughts exceeded the height of your ceilings.

Wide choice of designs


  • Light weight.
  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Low sagging.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Great light reflection.

We also manufacture Silencious Ceiling tiles Noise resistant.


S.No. Areas Features Applications Recommended Areas
01 Commercial complexes (Shopping Malls, Theatres, Community Centres and Auditoriums) Fire Resistance, Acoustic & Light Reflection, Energy Saving, Moisture Absorption, Heat Insulation, Impact Resistance. Ceilings, Partitions, Wall Panelling, Columns, Duct Encasements and Fire Doors. Halls, Bathrooms and Toilets, Canteens, Convention Centres, A/C Ducts, Rooms, Conference Halls.
02 Airports and Metro Rail Light Reflection, Sound Insulation, Moisture Absorption. Ceilings, Partitions. Semi Exposed Areas, Bathrooms and Toilets, Corridors.
03 Food and Pharma Industries Light Reflection, Sound Insulation, Moisture Absorption No Fungal/ Bacterial Growth. Ceilings, Partitions, Wall Panelling. Processing Units.
04 Textiles Energy Saving, Workability, Heat Insulation, Sound Insulation. Grid Ceilings. Processing Units.
05 Hospitals and Laboratories Sound Insulation, Fire Resistance, Impact Resistance, Water Absorption, Moisture Absorption, Heat Insulation. Ceilings, Partitions, Fire Doors, Duct Encasement. Operation theatres, ICUs, Reception & Halls, Semi Exposed Arrears, A/C Ducts, Rooms.
06 Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants Workability, Fire Resistance, Sound Insulation, Water Absorption, Moisture Absorption, Impact Resistance, Heat Insulation, Energy Saving. Decorative Ceilings, Partitions, Fire Doors, Duct and Column Encasements, Wall Linings. Corridors, Receptions, Toilet Areas, Semi-Exposed Areas, Fire Exit Staircase, A/C Ducts, Rooms, Conference, and Banquet Halls.
07 Offices, IT Parks & Educational Institutions Fire Resistance, Sound Absorption, Water Absorption, Moisture Absorption, Heat Insulation. Ceilings, Partitions, Duct and Column Encasement, Wall Panelling, Soffit Lining. Receptions, Meeting Rooms, Class Rooms, Semi Exposed Areas, Exteriors, Canteens & Open Auditoriums, Toilet Areas, Gymnasiums.